Equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

KNB offers sensible solutions to fit your business needs. We'll help remove the guesswork and free up your staff to focus on core business, while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your operations follow HR best practices and compliance. We offer a variety of solutions so you can select the HR services that best meet your business needs. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) is not a trend, and it's not going away, and creating a Diverse and Inclusive culture that honors Equity is essential. It will help your organization's longevity and ability to attract and RETAIN top talent. In today's dynamic employment market, the days of flying under the radar by posting superficial statements on your website without a proven commitment to making change and infusing DEIB initiatives into your organization no longer work. KNB does understand that although change is necessary, it's scary. We also recognize that DEIB initiatives will not look the same in every organization. 

KNB is in the business of understanding your organization's mission, industry, and culture and collaborating with your stakeholders to create a strategic plan with customized solutions aligned with your values. 




We recommend that our clients start off with our DEI audit. 

DEI Audit: Studies show that organizations with diverse teams are more productive and better equipped to creatively solve problems. Our DEI audit aims to identify where your organization stands on the continuum of equity/anti-oppression culture. We determine what's working and what's not by gathering qualitative and quantitative data across your organization to ensure everyone has their voice heard. Lastly, we provide comprehensive, realistic, and actionable recommendations to your organization to help guide your short, mid, and long-term DEI efforts.


The Basics: For companies just embarking on their anti-racism journey, we recommend starting with the basics. This covers a thorough review of your current policies, benefits offerings, and recruitment process, as well as an implicit bias training for your organization. 


Deep-Dive: For those who are ready to go beyond the basics, we'll take it one step further by conducting a thorough evaluation of your current operating procedures (from hiring and onboarding to performance management and off-boarding) as well as reviewing your job descriptions for inclusive language. 


Anti-Racism All the Way: Ready to take action toward dismantling systems of oppression? We've got your back! We will work with you to examine how oppressive structures and patterns are embedded in the actions, policies, practices, and beliefs of your organization. We will start by collecting quantitative and qualitative data from employees at all levels in your organization. Based on the data, we'll provide insights and actionable recommendations so you'll be well on your way to set yourself apart as a thought-leader, trailblazer, and employer of choice!