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Harassment Prevention

Our solutions allow you to develop the right policies and processes to ensure your campaign is on the right track. We deliver compelling trainings to ensure everyone is on the same page, compliant, and understands what’s expected of them. Our trainings are customized based on your campaign strategy, and your State & Federal Regulations. 


Staff Development and Training


Ensuring you have the right team for your campaign is essential. In today’s competitive market having a seasoned HR professional that can help you asses your team will allow you to sleep a bit better during this grueling season. Often these tasks are left in the hands of your Campaign Strategist, allow KNB to provide these solutions so your campaign manager can focus on your strategy. 


HR Consulting 


KNB understands the value of having a clear campaign strategy and staff that reflect your values and help convey your message to constituents. Far too often, candidates leave their campaign strategist with the responsibilities of handling recruitment, sexual harassment training, and essential administrative tasks. HR is complex, time-consuming, and critical to mitigating risk. KNB offers Political Consulting and Solutions that help you relax at night and allow your campaign strategist to focus on a winning campaign.

Political Solutions 

- HR Support  

- Recruitment Support

- Sexual Harassment 

- Payroll Processing 

- Administrative Support (FEC & FCCP paperwork preparation)

Full-Service HR Solutions

Tailored to your industry and business

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