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KNB in The Media


We're joined by Kim "KB" Bozeman, Founder & Principal of KNB Sensible Solutions in Lodi, CA.  We talk about her start in HR, challenges unique to California HR pros, where employers struggle with diversity initiatives, and more.


Time for another Street Level Influencer interview! Now more than ever, we need reminders from those individuals at the ground level making an impact in our daily lives – many times without us knowing it – that life is overwhelmingly good, even when it’s “bad.” Street level influencers provide that for us. 


COVID, social unrest, systemic racism, insurrections, hatred from seemingly all over. These things have caused cracks in even the most tempered of personality foundations. Concrete, eventually, will crack under the weight of the burden.

I met this next Street Level Influencer where I’ve made many a friend, social media! Kimberly Bozeman is someone I have only known for a little while, but I feel a connection to her. I believe this shows what a truly special person she is! 


During this episode, we will be sitting down with Kim Bozeman, the founder of KNB Sensible Solutions. KNB Sensible Solutions is a Human Resource consulting company whose goal is to solve any and all problems your business faces. 


With her long list of certifications in the field of HR, Kim takes a different kind of approach when it comes to tackling her client’s needs. Kim finds that using the metaphor that she practices HR with an offensive and defensive strategy, she gets her point across best. Tune in to hear how Kim has found a strategy that brings her and her clients the utmost success.


In this episode, I was blessed to meet with my good friend Kimberly Bozeman. Kim is the Founder and Principle Consultant at KNB Sensible Solutions. In this episode, Kim shares her story of being a black woman facing health issues with unsatisfactory access to healthcare. Add on top of it the trauma from current effects in the black community. She talks about how this affects her in the workplace and how workplaces can support their black employees during these trying times. This episode was so great, we're going to do another that focuses on what employers can do to give access to healthcare for everyone in their DEI strategies.

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