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Whether you’re a start-up or an established business looking to grow, get the right HR playbook you need


🏈  First Round Draft Pick (Human Resources Solutions)

Startups have hundreds of decisions to make every day. Figuring out your HR setup doesn’t need to be one of them. With the First Round Draft Pick, you get all the HR basics you need to get set up and ready to move forward:

  • New Hire Package 

  • Termination package 

  • 3 Job Descriptions 

  • 1 Org Chart 

  • Employee Files (up to 15 employees)

  • Employee Handbook (No customizations) 

  • HRIS Setup (up to 15 employees)

  • EDD Account 

  • Onboarding SOP 

  • Recruiting SOP

1st Round

🏈  Reloading the Team (Human Resources Solutions)

Ready to build on your HR foundations and set up your whole HR department? Reloading the Team is a completely customizable package where you get everything you need for your internal HR specialist to manage the daily tasks and functions of their role. Together we’ll strategize exactly what you need to have in place and what you’re best options are. 


For example, you may need a full recruiting and hiring strategy or a system to track mandatory training for your employees or a “cheat sheet” for your front-line supervisors to refer to when employees request time off. 


After I complete an audit of your current systems and processes, you get a detailed scorecard showing exactly where your strengths and weaknesses are and what you need to implement…in priority order.

🏈 Star Quarterback (Human Resources Solutions)

Already have your HR Department set up and now you’re ready to hire an HR professional for the day-to-day operations? I can help you find the perfect fit for your particular organization and needs.


🏈  Performance Coaching for Success (Coaching Solutions)

Supervisors who effectively communicate with their employees and give them ongoing guidance to what’s working, and what’s not, get the best performance from their employees. 


But most performance management training just delivers the same generic principles without taking into account your unique industry, business, organization culture, and strengths and weaknesses of each supervisor. 


With Performance Coaching for Success, you get both the foundational best practices for knowledge and customized training so your supervisors deliver performance conversations that get the best results.


  • 4 Customized Performance Management Training sessions for your front-line supervisors

    • Audit of your current practices and performance objectives

    • Interview(s) with key organization stakeholders

    • Hands-on training and coaching 

    • Plenty of Q&A time to ensure best results and potential problems get addressed

🏈  Bring in the Special Teams (Coaching Solutions)

Just like football’s special teams, these additional services can be brought in alongside the other packages to get you the full support you may need. 

  • Business Consultation  

  • Training & Development 

  • Speaking Engagements 

  • Job Descriptions 

  • Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) Creation 

  • Payroll Processing 

  • Flat monthly rate 

  • HRIS Implementation

  • Business Entity Registration

Special Teams

🏈  Get the Fundamentals Right (Compliance)

Going back to the basics was Vince Lombardi’s winning strategy. When you have a solid foundation with your employee handbook, everyone is on the same page and you have a quick and ready source to refer employees back to when there are policy questions. 

Employment Handbook 

  • 1 State compliant handbook, customized to your business and industry 

  • 2 Revisions 

Coach KNB

If you aren’t sure what the best package is for you, where to start or need customized assistance, Coach KNB is here to help!



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